The Best School Shoes Of 2016

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This year I’ve narrowed down the best school shoes for non-injured feet with the particular interest of buying my own son’s first school shoes. This meant I had the full experience, including my boy complaining of tired shopping legs after only two stores in.

The four most important features of the ideal shoe are:

1. Light weight for minimal impedance & best economy to run & walk

2. Flexible to allow the foot to move with natural biomechanics

3. No heel differential – the difference between the heel & forefoot height, a flat shoe allows for optimal range of the calf & achilles to develop strength

4. Minimal cushioning to develop an excellent shock absorbing technique in walking or running

Have a look at our 2015 blog for more information on why these features are most important.

I was also looking for velcro instead of laces for Tom’s first year & I had the heads up from a school librarian who refuses to tie kindergarten boys laces after 11am (it’s something about developing a coordinated aim at that age).

Here’s my top picks for this year, but as always a shoe which fits the criteria above of another brand is just as good:

Overall the school shoe range hasn’t changed significantly, with most stores continuing to push heavily cushioned, highly wedged, stiff & supportive shoes. Which makes it a long walk between shops to pull out one minimal style shoe per store, try it on for size & then repeat if it’s not a good fit. The industry will have to change to supply shoes for non-injured feet if everyone keeps asking for minimal style shoes, to encourage our children’s development towards strong & durable feet. 

Some great discussion came from last year’s blog, including:

  • the safety requirements for woodwork class, emphasised the importance of puncture resistant soles & a leather upper which is covered by the vivobarefoot range who also has lace ups for big kids.

school shoe review 2016 Ra shoe

  • when  choosing a school sports shoe the same four ideal criteria should be applied. the dunlop volley international comes in white, as does the vivobarefoot neo.

school shoe review 2016 white shoes

  • having non-painful “flat feet” is not a condition to be concerned about, it’s merely a sign of flexibility & just like being able to do the splits (well done if you do!).

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I must admit I was rather pleased that he dislikes shopping as much as I do & in future we shall conspire to send his mother to the shops on her own, in all circumstances (that’s a win-win for all..I think).