About Us

Our Vision

Is to assist you in change to
feel excited about movement again
move with excitement
We have special expertise in foot & ankle injury resolution and also treat the whole body with the same quality care approach. Our approach is driven by our core value of providing the highest possible quality care. You can be assured that you are receiving treatment based on the most current clinical evidence as we ensure our skills & knowledge are kept up-to-date with hundreds of hours of education each year.
What really gets us excited is seeing our patients not only recover from injury but also to find freedom in their movement they never thought possible.
move free

Central Coast Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy

Central Coast Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy was established in 2010 by Russell Wright (Principal Physiotherapist) who saw that there was a gap in quality physiotherapy care for the foot & ankle. Too often do people get orthotic intervention only, without considering the ability of our bodies to strengthen or move better without relying on support. We take a whole body approach to the assessment of biomechanical factors which influence the foot & ankle. This means that the whole body’s movement patterns are considered & treatment is directed to the core issues, as well as treatment for direct symptom relief. We get a kick out of seeing our patients not only recover from injury but also perform better than ever as a side effect from our treatment programs.

Ocean View

Ocean View Physiotherapy represents our quality care in treating the whole body with our exceptional physiotherapy skills. After experiencing resolution of a foot or ankle injury patients often return to our service for other injured areas in the body, because of their confidence in our quality care approach. We take the same assessment approach to looking at the whole body’s biomechanics for movement patterns that are not ideal causing the injured area. When treatment is directed to the cause of the injury you can expect fast & durable results.

We love to see our community active, happy & healthy and often present to the public, GPs, physiotherapists and other health professionals on preventing running injuries, tendinopathy resolution & foot and ankle conditions,
to keep the community moving freely.
We have proudly supported the Central Coast Triathlon Club with sponsorship since establishment in 2010. We now also sponsor the Bay to Bay running festival as it aligns with our values of community support through movement.
run free