Our Differences

quality care approach


Our physiotherapists are passionate about maintaining their up-to-date knowledge & skills. It takes hundreds of hours every year to maintain excellence in our field.

quality care approach

One On One

We believe that it is essential to have your dedicated physiotherapist’s focused attention on your solution.

quality care approach

Hands-on Treatment

A quality physiotherapist uses their hands to make differences you can immediately feel. Techniques are finely tuned over years of experience to achieve fast pain relief.

quality care approach

Accurate Diagnosis

We schedule an hour for a thorough assessment to get your full story. This then directs our physical assessment with movement specific to your activity & use of video analysis.

quality care approach

Clear Explanations

When you understand your injury you can take action to resolve it & manage any hiccups on the way. We give our explanations in straight-forward language, plus use pictures, models & videos of you for your learning style.

quality care approach

Keep Running

Being active ourselves we understand how crucial it is to return to what you love as soon as possible. That’s why we always structure our home programs with as minimal disruption to your regular training as possible. If there is a reduction in activity that is required for recovery, we also always offer training alternatives to maintain fitness levels & sanity.

quality care approach

Active Take Home Program

For a durable return to your activity a home program is essential. Lasting results occurs with retraining better performance strategies. We give you individual strategies for a powerful recovery.

quality care approach

Private Rooms

Our rooms are private rather than curtained & with comfortable surrounds.

quality care approach

Your Goals

Our treatment is tailored to your specific injury, your body, your activity & your time to complete recovery. We set your goals together with a physiotherapist who cares about your recovery.

Foot & Ankle

We bring you specialised expertise in foot & ankle injury resolution. We focus on long-term solutions & integrate the rest of the body for better movement partterns.

Whole Body

In our thorough assessment we identify the core issue of your pain & then integrate current research to bring you fast results.

Running Technique

Resolving running injuries is our speciality, but having an excellent running technique is also important to perform at your best.

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Your Physiotherapist

Russell Wright

B.App.Sc Physiotherapy

Getting Started With Us

Hands On Recovery Program

Follow up sessions will then be scheduled at intervals to get you back on track as soon as possible. We take a hands on approach to resolve any restrictions. This gives you the ability to change your movement patterns for lasting results.

Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation we will listen carefully to your injury history, then take a physical examination. You will get a comprehensive explanation of your injury & how to resolve it, with your goals in mind. Treatment will commence for immediate pain relief & you will go home with your personal active program.

Back To Full Activity

Your active take home program will be progressed back to full activity. Strategies will be included for maintaining your optimal fitness.