Foot And Ankle

Foot And Ankle Physiotherapy

Our special expertise in the treatment of the foot & ankle is integrated into our assessment of the whole body to identify the cause your foot or ankle injury. We believe in the opportunity to strengthen & train movement patterns to return your foot & ankle back to full capacity without relying on footwear or orthotic support. Our service is quality focused & delivered by physiotherapists who love to see you achieve your activity goals.

Our Techniques

We select treatment techniques to that will best suit your injury resolution which may include:

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage & myofascial release can reduce excess muscle tension to improve flexibility & reduce pain.

Joint Mobilisation

To reduce joint stiffness for freedom of movement.

Neural Gliders

This is specific body movements to glide nerves which may be stuck by postural faults or tight muscles.

Dry Needling

The use of acupuncture needles to reduce excess muscle tension.

Taping, Braces, Orthotics

In the short term your body may need stability and rest from aggravating activities which can be provided by taping techniques, a brace or orthotics.

Strengthening & Stability Training

Lasting results will often require a strengthening or stability training program to improve tissue durability.

Home Stretch or Massage

To maintain treatment gains a home program often includes reducing excess muscle tension with stretching, foam roller, massage stick or a spikey ball.

Bio-mechanical Cueing

Movement pattern changes with technique cues can produce immediate symptom resolution & lasting results.

Getting Started

Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation we will listen carefully to your injury history, then take a physical examination. You will get a comprehensive explanation of your injury & how to resolve it, with your goals in mind. Treatment will commence for immediate pain relief & you will go home with Your personal active program.

Hands On Recovery Program

Follow up sessions will then be scheduled at intervals to get you back on track as soon as possible. We take a hands on approach to resolve muscle restriction. This gives you the ability to change your movement patterns for lasting results. You will have your active take home program progressed at each session.

Back To Full Activity

Your active take home program will be progressed back to full activity. Strategies will be included for maintaining your optimal fitness.


Initial Consultation $190


  • Through assessment including movement pattern analysis
  • Identify key areas that have lead to the injury
  • Clear explanation in language you can understand
  • Your goals set with an outline of how to achieve them
  • Treatment commenced for immediate pain relief
  • Active take-home program to get you back to activity as soon as possible
Follow-up Consultation $135


  • Re-assessment of key areas to gauge progression made
  • Hands-on treatment to change muscle tension or joint stiffness for better movement
  • Active take-home program progression to move closer towards your goals